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Jesse Egan

Winner of San Diego’s Funniest Person contest, comedian Jesse Egan is the current host of Tonight in San Diego on KSDY channel 50 on local TV. You can see Jesse’s nationally televised spots on KPBS TV and he’s also appeared on Union Tribune TV, Fox Rox TV, and in the documentary film "Stage Time." Jesse regularly performs stand-up all over the country, He has opened for comedy icons such as Dane Cook, Doug Stanhope, and Chris D’Elia. Jesse co-hosts two podcasts: Comics Talk Comedy, and Sordid Tales the Podcast, and in his free time he enjoys hollering “Yey Yayee” like Ice Cube at inappropriate times.


Keith Foster

Born and raised in the small town of Pocatello, Idaho, Keith Foster has been performing improv and stand-up comedy regularly since 2007. He has competed in the Chicago Improv Festival, and in 2011 won the Idaho Championship of Comedy. Keith has trained at the UCB Training Center in Los Angeles. In 2015 he moved to San Diego and was brought on as a writer for Tonight in San Diego. In 2016, he became the head writer for the show’s segment team and was selected to be the newest co-host. His quirky style coupled with his lovable nature make him a performer to watch out for. Outside of Tonight in San Diego, Keith also performs stand-up and improv comedy. He is also the Co-host of the movie review podcast “The MacGuffin Podcast" 




DJ Teelynn - (a.k.a. Trish Naval) is a musician, DJ, and music director for Tonight In San Diego's house band, "The Mondaze." She DJs and plays acoustic music all around San Diego County in a variety of settings from casual dining to private fundraisers and charities. DJ Teelynn has been with Tonight in San Diego since its VERY FIRST episode, back in 2013.

Facebook: @DJTeelynn

Instagram: @DJTeelynn



Nina has been known to be a musical maverick. From gigs at airports playing the accordion, to playing alongside the band FOREIGNER, Nina is truly a musical chameleon is all genres of music. A pianist, keyboardist, and vocalist, she has been featured on NPR as Music Director for San Diego Artists for Change and Voices of Our City, 

Nina can be heard throughout the San Diego scene in one of her various bands: Luni Tunes, The Humankind, Ni Co., Black Mamba, and Fun Money. On Sundays she serves as the Church Music Director in Mission Hills.

NINA Leilani


Richard Galiguis is a San Diego musician and artist from Oxnard, California. He is the guitarist of the San Diego hip-hop band Vokab Kompany, and house drummer on the Mondaze. Richard also manages Northern Spirits Restaurant & Lounge in San Marcos, CA and has a background in biotechnology. Projects and collaborations include: Greenroom, Sky Walker, AOA, Jonny Tarr, and Tolan Shaw.


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